How does an estate agent value my house?

There are many factors that estate agents consider when valuing your home beyond its shape and size, so if you’re looking to sell you should know about all of these issues.

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Have questions about an estate agent valuation? Here are some popular answers

If you’re selling, or thinking about selling your home and have questions about the estate agent valuation process these are three answers we’ve given to homeowners before:

✅ Do I have to sell my home through an estate agent?

No. There are two very popular alternatives; selling to an honest property buying company or selling through auction. Both can typically secure you a sale on an accelerated schedule compared to an estate agent, but note that auctioneers will charge you fees for selling whereas property buying companies will not.

✅ Should estate agent valuations cost me money?

No. Estate agents will rarely charge you a fee for a valuation, because they’d rather give you a free estimate in order to encourage you to sell through them. But you should be aware that some estate agents will indicate an initial inflated sale price to get you to sell with them, only to eventually list the home at a lower price.

✅ Does an estate agent value my house based simply off its shape and size?

No. Of course, the physical characteristics of your home, such as how many bathrooms and bedrooms it has, will play a major factor in the eventual estate agent valuation. But the estate agent will also consider many other elements in making a valuation, such as the amenities available in the local area, and changes in the local housing market.

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