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Top questions about estate agents in Mayfair

✅ Is it free to sell a house or flat using the services of an estate agent?

No. Estate agents do a large amount of work when selling your home, including advertising the property in Mayfair and taking potential buyers on viewings of it. For this work, estate agents will charge commission based on a percentage of your home’s sale value. You will have to subtract this from the sale proceeds to calculate your net profit.

✅ Do I have to agree to viewings when selling my home with an estate agent?

In most cases, yes, you will have to let the estate agent arrange viewings of your Mayfair property, where they will take prospective buyers on a tour of the interior and exterior of your home. This is one of the main steps in the process of selling your home via an estate agent, and the impression that the buyer gets of the property during a viewing can be the deciding factors in whether they make an offer.

✅ Is using an estate agent the quickest method for selling my property?

Not typically. Although some houses sold this way find buyers within days of being listed, others might remain unsold for many months or possibly even more than a year. A quick option for selling a home is usually contacting a quick property buyer, because they have the cash to swiftly buy your flat or house and complete the entire process within just a few weeks.

✅ Should I use whichever estate agent quotes the highest sale price for my home?

No. Some estate agents unfortunately might quote a sale price for your property that far exceeds the value that they truly know they can get for your home. They do this in a bid to make you want to sell using their services. To get a more accurate idea of your home’s real sale value, get quotes from multiple estate agents in Mayfair and then calculate the average of those values.

✅ Should I sell using just one estate agency or using multiple estate agents?

You’ll have to choose between selling via a single agency or taking the multi-agency approach, in which several estate agencies will try to sell your home. Working with just one agency you might get fewer offers, but you’ll likely pay less in commission. Having several agencies trying to sell your home could result in more offers at a higher value, but also with increased fees. Do remember there are only a handful of estate agents in Mayfair to choose from covering a small area.

✅ Can estate agents sell problem properties like those with short leases?

Yes, but you might need to find a specialist estate agent. If your home has a potential problem such as a short lease, some Mayfair estate agents might not know how to market it property. But you may be able to ask around and eventually find an estate agent who has skill in selling a property like yours.

✅ Does every method of selling my home require me to pay fees?

No. You won’t have to pay any fees to a third party if you sell your home on your own without any assistance, other than the typical legal costs to pay your solicitor. Nor will you have to pay any commission if you sell to a trustworthy fast buyer like LDN Properties. But when you sell your home via a Mayfair estate agent or auctioneer you will have to pay them commission.

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