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Our promise since we launched in 2003 has been to give Tower Hill homeowners a simple and transparent way to get fast and fair offers for selling their houses or flats and we don’t charge any fees.

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Considering the sale of your Tower Hill property quick

Customers of ours have shared various reasons they have for deciding to use the LDN Properties property buying service. Shown below are a selection of the typical reasons we hear:

  • Roof issues
  • Sitting tenant
  • Sell unique property
  • Financial troubles
  • Selling house with flooded basement
  • Problems further down the property chain
  • Planning retirement
  • Sell near a cliff
  • Probate property inherited
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Relocating due to a new job in a different part of the country
  • Emigrating away from the UK
  • Ending a repossession
  • Upsizing to something bigger
  • Difficult to sell my house
  • Buyer has changed their mind

LDN Properties would be happy to discuss any queries in relation to selling your Tower Hill house / flat, or any other property you are selling.

Sell House Fast Tower Hill, London
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What is the speediest method for selling your house or flat in Tower Hill?

There are typically four ways to sell your home in Tower Hill, which is within the east London borough of Tower Hamlets and covers a wide area around the Tower of London. When selling, you can choose between using an estate agent, using a property auctioneer, using a fast buyer like LDN Properties, or attempting to find a buyer for your house or flat on your own.

All four methods have their own pros and cons, and the average time it takes to sell a property varies significantly. Some options for finding a buy also include fees, which can reduce the amount of profit you’ll make. If you’re trying to find a buyer fast, consider the details of the various methods for selling, and choose one that best matches your specific ideal timeline.

Using an estate agent

Some people like to sell their homes through estate agents, who will do most of the work in advertising your property, organising times for potential buyers to visit and tour it, and handling any genuine offers. But they expect to be paid for this work, and most estate agents will charge commission often based on the final sale price.

This can be a relatively slow way to sell your property, as it typically takes at least a couple of months to find a buyer, and in certain situations it might even take more than a full year.

Note that some estate agents are known to quote sellers a very high value for their homes, even though they realise the property will only generate offers at a lower price – this can be the case for probate property sales. They do this in order to secure your business, so that they can charge you commission if they sell your home.

You can avoid this sneaky trick by asking multiple estate agents to give you free quotes for selling your home, and looking on property sales websites to see the price that houses or flats like yours in Tower Hill have sold for in the past. Take all of these prices and then calculate the average price among them, and this is a more accurate estimate of your home’s value.

Using a property auctioneer

Auctions can be a gamble, because you don’t know whether your home will sell, nor what the final sale price might be. Still, if many people are interested in the property, they might drive the price up by trying to outbid each other. Or you could just get one bid at the reserve price, which is the lowest value at which you’re willing to sell.

Selling this way will take at least a couple of months, including time waiting between when you list your house or flat for sale and when the auction occurs. If someone buys your home at the auction, they usually then have about 28 days to complete all of their required steps. This can make auctions far from ideal if your top goal when selling is finding a buyer as fast as possible.

You might be asked to choose between the modern or traditional method of auctioning your property. With the modern method of auction, people can place bids on your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as soon as the listing is active, and the highest bid at the time that the listing ends will be the winner of the auction that buys the property. With the traditional method of auction.

Using a fast home buyer

Fast buyers, like LDN Properties, have the resources to immediately buy houses or flats, and so they can typically complete the process within a few short weeks. And that includes all of the required steps, such as paying homeowners the proceeds and exchanging contracts. As a result, this makes using a fast buyer perhaps the quickest way to find a buyer for your property.

Another benefit of selling this way is that the legitimate fast buyers will never charge owners any commission or other fees when purchasing their properties. This means sellers get to keep all of the proceeds from the sale.

And fast buyers can also consider making offers to buy almost any type of property, so it doesn’t matter if your home has a feature that some people might consider to be a deal breaking flaw. Some of the purchases LDN Properties has made over the years include houses of multiple occupancy, vandalised flats, plots of land, properties with solar panels, homes that have very low Energy Performance Certificate grades, flats with noisy neighbours, and more.

Selling on your own

This can easily be the most stressful way to find a buyer, because you’ll have the sole responsibility for producing and advertising a listing, organising and leading viewings, and seeing any serious offers through to completion. It can be a very time-consuming and expensive process, and it’s only recommended if you have any experience with selling homes.

There’s no guarantee about when you might receive an offer, and you could be waiting for many months or even longer. And although you won’t have to pay any fees this way, you can achieve the exact same outcome but with no stress, by selling to a quick buyer like LDN Properties. They will purchase your property speedily and will not charge you any commission.

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Types of property in and around Tower Hill we can acquire

  • Houses
  • Studio apartments
  • Flats and apartments
  • Council flats
  • Detached house
  • Commercial property
  • Terraced
  • Empty homes
  • Semi-detached property
  • HMOs

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