Selling a House Near an Airport or Under a Noisy Flight Path

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Selling a house near an airport or under a busy flight path

Need help selling your house close to an airport. Read on for points to consider and advice to help speed up your property sale.
Selling property under a flightpath

What sort of issues might I expect when selling my house near an airport?

If your property is under a flight path, proximity to the airport will determine the type of problem and degree of severity.

Noise will be the main concern for most prospective buyers. The level of noise and frequency will influence the impact on the prospective buyers’ enjoyment of the property. Properties directly under a flight path, very close to an airport will experience noise levels of up to 90 decibels. That’s the same noise level as you might experience from a passing truck, or sitting inside a tube carriage on the London underground. For some people the noise will not be so much of a problem e.g. someone who is deaf or very hard of hearing. Whereas for other prospective buyers, who might like peace and quiet as an absolute necessity, even living 3 or 4 miles from the airport might be too much to bear on a day to day basis.

Vibration caused by low flying aircraft can cause annoyance to local residents as well as physical damage to property. Aircraft wake turbulence/vortex is a disturbance in the atmosphere that forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air, it can cause damage to roof tiles, guttering and other property fixtures. Specialist roof tiles with a longer lifespan will help, but prospective buyers will need to account for the cost of replacing roof tiles over the course of their ownership of the property.

Houses directly under flight path
Health issues such as asthma have been linked to pollution from aircraft exhausts. The NHS website reports that people living within six miles of an airport have higher levels of asthma and heart problems. And for some people the repetitive noise and vibration might cause mental suffering, worsening over time.

Other disturbances on the ground can also affect the quality of life for residents living close to an airport. As airports expand, the amount of traffic on local roads also increases and additional pressure is put on local amenities.

Despite these problems, there will always be a buyer for your property if you are prepared to agree to their purchase price.

What sale price will I achieve when selling my house near an airport?

As with any property sale, location is key.  Properties close to busy main roads, in noisy city centre locations and under flightpaths will all see dramatic reductions in their values compared to similar sized properties in quieter locations and you may struggle to sell this type of property.

Example: a three bed, semi-detached house in a reasonable neighbourhood without air traffic disturbance might sell for £500,000. But the same type of property, also in a reasonable neighbourhood might sell for as little as £300,000 if it’s under a flightpath with aircraft regularly passing 20 meters above the roof.

What’s the quickest way to sell my house under a busy flight path?

In a slow market it can be difficult to sell even the most desirable of properties, so trying to sell your house fast with the issues of severe noise pollution can be very difficult. If you can wait for market conditions to improve, then you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving a good sale price.

Regardless of market conditions, properties close to airports often make sound investment properties because there’s a good supply of airport workers in need of accommodation. In areas such as Hounslow near Heathrow airport, there are a lot of HMO (house of multiple occupancy) properties to cater for demand. So appealing to an investor buyer could be a good way to speed up the sale.

How can I reduce the affects of the flight path and improve the saleability of my house or flat?

When attempting to improve the saleability of a house under a flightpath, the main issue to be addressed will be the reduction of noise and vibration. Specialist sound insulation in the loft is relatively low cost and can make a big difference. Anything to dampen the sound, including cavity wall insulation will also help.  And it’s worth paying extra for high quality double or triple glazing.

Heathrow flight path

Keeping windows and doors closed to reduce sound levels is no always an option, especially during the heat of summer. So some property owners invest in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems. As well as negating the need to open windows for fresh air and ventilation in the warmer months, these systems also help filter out any harmful particles from aircraft exhausts.  

How to get help from the Government and airport operators

Selling a house under a flight path

House under flight path

Selling a house under a flight path

A property near an airport can be a good thing too!

Selling a house under a flight path 

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4.91 Rating288 Reviews
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