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Looking to sell your house fast in Southend

Clients of ours have highlighted various reasons they have for choosing to use our fast house buying service. Detailed below are a selection of the common scenarios we have been told:

  • Sale moving slowly
  • Selling an unmodernised house / flat
  • Difficulty selling my property
  • Property auction alternatives
  • Damp issues
  • Decided to emigrate overseas
  • Struggling with finances
  • Chain break in the sale of a house
  • Inherited property I need to sell
  • Planning retirement
  • Downsizing
  • Unmortgageable
  • Stop repossession
  • Relocating due to new employment
  • Divorce / Separation

Our team are more than happy to talk with you about any specific queries you have regarding the sale of your Southend property, or any other property you are selling.

Sell House Fast Southend, London
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Trusting LDN Properties to swiftly buy your house or flat in Southend

At LDN Properties, we know that homeowners need peace of mind when selling their houses or flats in London, including the Southend district in the borough of Lewisham east of the city centre. This neighbourhood was once a village but saw large property development after World War One, and is now a suburb with a mix of residential properties and shops.

So that you can feel protected when selling to LDN Properties after we make a fair and fast offer for your home, we are registered with The Property Ombudsman (TPO). This is a third-party organisation that issues regulations which are crafted to protect owners against scams in the fast buying industry, and all TPO members must adhere to all of those policies.

You should always ask a fast home buyer whether it is registered with TPO. It’s fast, free and easy to check a company’s membership by visiting TPO’s website, clicking on the "Find a Member" tab and entering their name. If the quick buyer truly belongs to the organisation then their membership details will appear. Be very cautious about selling your home to a fast buyer that either refuses to join TPO or can’t prove it is a member (or equivalent), because they might be fraudulent.

We have many happy customers in Southend and across the rest of London who have sold their homes to us for fast and fair offers, and they have trusted us sometimes because of our membership in TPO. Our friendly experts can answer any questions that you might have about selling, because one of our top priorities is ensuring that you are comfortable with the sale.

Top queries to ask an auctioneers when selling your Southend home

One option for selling your house of flat in Southend is to use a property auction, in which you’ll agree to a reserve price — the lowest amount at which you’re willing to sell your home — and hope that many people are interested in buying the house or flat and keep trying to outbid each other by offering higher prices for it.

Just remember that there’s no guarantee that your home will receive any bids above the reserve price, but a single bid is a binding and legally enforceable agreement to buy your property. That means you need to set the reserve price at a level you are comfortable with, even after subtracting the commission that their auctioneer will charge for their work. And if you receive no bids then the home doesn’t sell and you’ll have to start the sale process again.

You might also face some delays when selling via this method, including a wait of at least a few weeks between the day on which you list your flat or house for sale and that day on which the auction takes place. If your property sells, there’s also a waiting period of an average 28 days for the buyer to complete their part of the process before the sale can be finalised.

What rate of commission will you charge me for auctioning my home?

Auctioneers will do most of the work in selling your home, including creating a listing that advertises the property using photographs of it and a text description of its main features. They expect to be paid for this work, and most auctioneers charge commission based on a percentage of your home’s sale price. You may be able to negotiate lower fees with some auctioneers.

What experience do you have with auctioning my type of home?

Some auctioneers only know how to sell certain types of houses or flats, and that’s why this question is important. If your home has unique features that might make it more difficult to sell, such as dry rot or being located in a flood zone, and an auctioneer has never sold such a home before, they might find it difficult to generate any interest in your home from potential bidders.

What deadline will you give a winning bidder for buying my property?

Many homeowners want to achieve the fastest sale of their property that they can, and this question can help you with planning the timeline for the sale of your house or flat. If you home sells at auction, buyers typically have 28 days to sign all of the required legal papers any to pay you the proceeds, but some auctioneers might set longer or shorter deadlines so always ask.

Property resources to consider

Nearby locations to Southend where we operate

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Postcodes in and around Southend we cover

BR1 BR3 SE12 SE13 SE26 SE4 SE6

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Types of property in Southend we purchase

  • Purpose built flats
  • Land
  • Terrace
  • House
  • Studio apartments
  • Council flat
  • Flats
  • Semi detached
  • Dilapidated houses
  • Commercial property
  • Detached house

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4.91 Rating288 Reviews
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