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How long it takes selling to a cash home buyer

If you are a homeowner who would like to sell their freehold or leasehold flat or house quickly, you could consider using a fast property buyer. These companies can usually finalise the purchase of a home in a handful of weeks, which compares to the often much longer timelines involved with selling via other common methods.

For example, auctions can involve weeks of waiting between listing your home for sale and the auction actually occurring. And even if your home sells you’ll be waiting an average 28 days for the buyer to complete the purchase. Estate agents often have an even longer typical timeline for selling, with some properties failing to attract any offers for at least a full year.

Quick buyers are usually able to move rapidly because they have the cash reserves to purchase homes immediately, without having to wait for approval of a mortgage to buy your home. And they also often have great connections with conveyancers who can expedite the sale.

When you start the process of selling your home by calling a quick buyer, they should be able to give you an offer for purchasing your property relatively quickly.

If you accept the offer, the fast buyer works with your solicitor to swiftly complete all of the mandatory documents and other steps involved with the sale of your home, such as exchanging contracts and then paying you the full proceeds. From beginning to end, trustworthy fast buyers should be able to do this all within weeks.

And remember that auctioneers and estate agents will charge fees for their work in selling your home, which will reduce your overall net profit from the sale. By contrast, fast home buyers usually do not make owners pay any fees, which means you get to keep the full proceeds from the sale.

Fast buyers also have the ability to make quick and competitive offers for buying almost any type of property, regardless of its shape or size, and even if the home might struggle to sell using alternative methods. The long list of the many properties that quick buyers are interested in purchasing includes dilapidated homes, hoarder’s houses, furnished flats, homes where the owner might not have a required Energy Performance Certificate, properties with survey problems, inherited but unwanted retirement homes, and a number of other examples.

Property Rescue: questions and answers

✅ Where are Property Rescue based?

Property Rescue are based in Borehamwood.

✅ What is the website for Property Rescue?

Visit the Property Rescue website to enquire about the sale of your house –

✅ What is the contact phone number for Property Rescue?

You can contact Property Rescue directly regarding the sale of your house on 0808 273 3659.

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